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That's perfect - there's always things you think of after the fact. I can't think of anything I want to add yet, but maybe I will later.

By the by, Kearns did our PGD, I spoke to him numerous times on the phone. He was kind and knowledgeable; he's a great doctor.


I think you've said it all! The only thing I would expand on is get as much pre-cycle testing as you possibly can. Be wary of clinics that don't seem to do a lot. I don't care how anxious you are to get started, an extra 2-3 months is SO worth it compared to a BFN and $12,000+ down the drain.


Good advice. Let's see. Just because you're a "perfect" IVF candidate, your cycles go well, and you have "excellent" quality embryos doesn't mean IVF will ever work for you. No, I'm not bitter.

Seriously, though, no one is more invested in this stuff than you, so don't be afraid to ask for info, question your RE, do your own research, etc. And get yourself some good IVF friends through blogs, IVFC, etc. I couldn't make it without mine.


Thanks! What a thoughtful post... BUT... (innoncent wide-eyed blink) are you possibly implying (blink) that I'm a blog abuser??? (blink, blink) Posting several times a day??? (blink) Is THAT what you are saying???


Great list! I guess I would also add two things
- follow your own desires, only you can decide how much you are willing to put up with and what statistics are worth it for you.
- set up special coddling for egg retrieval day, transfer day and beta day. Don't go it alone and stoic, get lots of loving because it's hard on body and soul.
- if you think your RE has messed up in some way let everyone in the practice know you are unhappy. They care much less about their egos than about keeping you as a happy patient. If that's not true then go to a more professional practice.
- good bedside manner is not any indicator of an RE's actual competence. Cold-blooded technical types can get the job done very well.


did I say two things? sorry about that!


Great list!I'm going throught my 2nd cycle now and I needed to hear some of these reminders for sure. Infertility sucks!


Thankyou, that's a great list...! Can't really add I don't think...at least not just yet....

Actually, I'd say definitely GET A BLOG. The opportunity to rant, vent, whinge and cheer is fantastic and the support and encouragement from the blog world is wonderful. Even just knowing you are not alone helps massively. And even more so if you don't have much support in the non cyber world.


Brilliant and comprehensive list you've got there.

I'd add that it might not be the best idea to tell everyone you know that you're going thru IVF. Because then you'll have to tell everyone you know that it didn't work or that your cycle was canceled. Not that that's not fabulous dinner party conversation fodder.


T - thanks for a great post. Why don't you permanently bookmark it in your side bar so ppl can find it easily again. I love it.

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